Wood Floor Sanding & Polishing in Hoboken, NJ

There are flooring systems that tend to be a trend and there are flooring systems that maintain their popularity for long periods of time. Wood floors have been in vogue since decades ago but because of its timeless perfection remain a popular flooring option until today.

Wood flooring is most preferred by homeowners because it comes with unique, warm and comfortable features. However, over time, the level of shine and appearance of wood floors will not look as appealing as when it was first installed. Wood floors need to be maintained or refinished to keep it attractive, shiny, durable and long-lasting. Sanding and polishing are maintenance procedures essential for wood floors.

  • Floor sanding can also repair damages and worn out hardwood floors. It can also tighten loose nails and planks. After floor sanding hardwood flooring becomes movement-free. This means, hardwood will not move and therefore expansion and contraction will be limited.
  • Floor sanding allows the re-staining or varnishing of hardwood flooring. Stain can only be applied on a smooth surface which can be achieved through floor sanding. Re-staining will also allow you to change the color of your floor making it look like a new floor altogether.
  • Allowing natural light to enter a room will not only reduce energy costs, it will also bring about a more appealing room. A newly sanded floor allows light to bounce off of it improving the lighting of the room. 
  • Sanding makes hardwood even more durable. An even and smooth hardwood floor makes the floor more durable allowing it to last for long years.

Wood Polishing in Hoboken, New Jersey

Wooden floor polishing is needed when floor has stains, scratches and when the its color is fading. Floor polishing will restore the appeal of the floor just when it was newly installed. Here are a few reasons why your wooden floor may need floor polishing.

  • Polished hardwood flooring become dent and scratch resistant. hardwood is a natural material. It has fibrous cells and as such it is prone to dents and scratches. Polishing hardwood flooring will reduce the visual impact of dents and scratches.
  • Polished hardwood floors become resistant to dust particles making your home safe for family members with respiratory ailments.
  • As the polish of your hardwood flooring diminishes, the floor becomes rough. Airborne and dust particles settle on rough surfaces. It can be difficult to clean rough hardwood flooring because the surface becomes absorbent.
  • Wood floor polishing can easily deal with hard-to-remove dirt and bacteria and in the process sanitizes your hardwood flooring.

Hardwood polishing gives the floor its shine, it seals the floor, too. A polished floor is not only shiny, it is easy to clean, too. Installing hardwood flooring can be costlier than other flooring system. Hardwood flooring though is easier to clean and maintain. The best part of having this flooring system is there are ways to make them last for long years.  Over time, the impacts of daily torture will take its toll on the hardwood flooring. Stains, scratches, dents and fading will start to be visible.

The beauty of hardwood flooring is that you do not need to have them replaced when signs of wear and tear become visible. All that is needed to to have the floors sanded and polished to bring it back to its original luster.

The Benefits Of Wood Floors

If you want to give your hardwood flooring a good-as-new look, consider a wood sanding and polishing job. It usually takes about 6-7 days to sand and polish a hardwood floor of about 90 square meters. Give and take another 4-5 days to allow the floor to dry before you can bring back the furniture.

Homes with sanded and polished hardwood flooring not only look beautiful and become more durable, they also fetched better prices when rented out or sold.

Floor sanding and polishing can be a do-it-yourself. You can rent sanding equipment- drum sander and edge sander. You can polish your own hardwood floors, too.

If you have the right skills, time and patience, sanding and polishing your own hardwood floors can be a simple do-it-yourself task. Remember that the entire sanding and polishing process may take 6-7 days to complete.

If you are in doubt that you can do a pretty good sanding and polishing job on your hardwood flooring, it is better to call in the professionals. They should be able to get the job done right. The skills needed to do a right floor sanding and polishing is something that is acquired through years of extensive training and experience.  With the professionals doing the job, all you need to do is sit back and a few days you can once again enjoy your good as new hardwood floors.